They say timing in life is everything, and when it comes to safe driving, a timing belt that's in good condition is vital to safely operating your vehicle. The timing belt in your car enables the camshaft and crankshaft to turn in a synchronized movement, without which your car would come to a complete stop. Without help from the timing belt, your engine simply won't keep running.

To avoid becoming stranded at the most inopportune time, ask one of the expert mechanics in our service center to check your maintenance records to see if the timing belt needs replacement or any lubrication to keep it in optimal working condition. For the most cost-effective repairs, we usually recommend replacing tensioners, pulley and the water pump at the same time we install a new timing belt.

Whether it's an oil change or timing belt replacement, our service department saves you time and money. Plan your visit to see us at Hyundai of Brenham today!

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