With the high cost of vehicles today, we want our vehicles to last as long as possible. This requires good maintenance on important parts like your brakes. Stop at Hyundai of Brenham if you think your brake pedals need work or if you just want us to check them out. Our trained staff is always available to cover all your concerns.

Here are signs your brakes need replacing.

  • Squealing or grinding sound when you touch the brakes.
  • Brake light comes on.
  • Scraping or vibration when you touch the brake pedal.
  • Brake line is leaking brake fluid.
  • Brake pedal has a soft and spongy feel to it when it’s pushed.
  • Vehicle pulls to one side of the road when driven.
  • Smell of something burning when driving.

Stop at our shop or call us for an appointment. We want to help you keep your vehicle running as smoothly and as long as possible.



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