Hyundai of Brenham knows that the differential on your vehicle is a part that you may not think about often. Drivers in Brenham, TX should understand the purpose of a vehicle differential. Here is a quick look at this important car part.

The differential is what allows the wheels on your vehicle to turn at different speeds. This function is necessary when your car enters a turn. In a turn, the wheels are required to cover a different distance. A differential is able to equal out the speeds at which the wheels turn. This allows your vehicle to perform correctly.

Differentials are found on 2-wheel, 4-wheel, and all-wheel drive vehicles. A locking differential is also sometimes offered as an option on a vehicle. Locking differentials can be useful in preventing skids on slick roadways. When the differential on your vehicle does not function properly, the result can be damage to your car’s tires or other parts.

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