Your Hyundai lease is coming to an end and you might be asking how the lease-return process becomes initiated.

At Hyundai of Brenham, we've made returning your Hyundai lease as seamless as possible. With the easy to navigate, online Hyundai Lease-End Self-Assessment, the process begins with you.

Hyundai Lease-End Self-Assessment Details

To identify potential issues with excessive wear and tear prior to surrendering your leased Hyundai at lease end, the Lease-End Self-Assessment comes in handy. With few steps completed online, an estimate of any charges to be incurred is made available. And in this, you have ample time to remedy repairs well prior to your contracted lease maturity date.

Simply provide yourself with five- to 10-minutes and complete the survey.

So, here's what to expect:

  • Once accessing the online assessment portal, select your Hyundai model.
  • Next appear several categories comprising exterior, glass, tires and wheels, interior and miscellaneous items.
  • With each category selected, you rate the condition of those elements encompassing each category on a value scale, from "0" and having no issues to "3+" with excessive wear and tear to satisfy.
  • Before selecting your rating, a brief description of each element is gleaned for a better understanding of associated parameters and dimensions prior to making your rating selection.
  • Once tapping your condition rating, automatically generated is the cost estimate upon relinquishing your Hyundai lease near College Station.

Once everything has been tabulated with the Lease-End Self-Assessment completed, you may contact Hyundai of Brenham for all related questions as to repairs and mitigation.

Should you wish to have repairs performed elsewhere in Bryan, our Hyundai Lease-End Advisors are happy to assist with locating the perfect shop.

Hyundai of Brenham – Your Hyundai Lease-End Headquarters

Take your online Hyundai Lease-End Self-Assessment today. With more time to prepare comes a streamlined lease end and money potentially saved.

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