Hyundai of Brenham Presents Hyundai Alternative-Fuel Vehicles

Modernity demands innovation, and Hyundai is at the head of the pack in terms of alternative-fuel vehicles. Whatever your circumstances, Hyundai of Brenham has the Hyundai hybrid, plug-in hybrid, pure electric or fuel cell configuration that will help preserve the environment.

What is an Alternative-Fuel Hyundai?

There are a few variations on alternative-fuel vehicles. While some vehicle brands offer few choices, Hyundai provides a thorough selection encompassing the gamut of innovation.

Strict hybrids combine electric power and fuel toward enhanced mileage efficiency:

  • Ioniq Hybrid will earn 60 mpg on Texas highways, with thrusting of 139 hp. There's connectivity too, with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ integration.
  • Sonata Hybrid is capable of 54 mpg/highway and a combined horsepower rating of 192. Above, an available solar panel for battery recharging.
  • Elantra Hybrid is a sedan engendering 56 mpg with highway traveling. The contours speak of an aggressive posture.
  • Santa Fe Hybrid is the SUV of the alternative-fuel family. Combined horsepower of 226 will help with the acquisition of 36 mpg on highways outside Houston.

Plug-in hybrids allow for refueling or recharging convenience:

  • Ioniq Plug-In Hybrid hatchback promises 29-miles in all electric ranging with a combined fuel-hybrid maximum driving radius of 620-miles.

Pure-electric vehicles never need fuel:

  • IONIQ 5 gives up to 303 miles on a single charge.
  • Kona Electric SUV will earn an estimated 250+ miles on a full, single charge.

Fuel cell power is created by hydrogen, with water being the only emission:

  • Nexo Fuel Cell is capable of up to 380-miles, with hydrogen refueling taking only five-minutes.

Look to Hyundai of Brenham for Hyundai Alternative-Fuel Choices

Visit our local Brenham dealership today, and be amazed at Hyundai alternative-fueled efficiency.